Tourism & Entertainment

7-star Luxury Wellness Spa & Resort

  • Exclusive & Luxurious
  • Mix of Sea-Villas, Condos and Over-Water Villas
  • Unique Time-Share ownership model
  • Exclusivity of Owner-ship (Earn while you own)
  • Full-service Resort
  • Integrated Water sports and Sailing Club
  • Unique & Differentiated theme to every room
  • Every room/ villa/ suite has a complete package around it
  • You invest in wellness packages instead of ‘room-stay(s)’
  • Every visit is a unique experience

Long-stay Holistic programs for rejuvenation & detoxification

room 3

Casino, Gaming Entertainment

Positioned for the globally travelled young couples, businessmen, retired
seniors and empty nests as well as small groups of youthful travelers. The
built-up area is clearly marked for : adult entertainment, children areas,
family break-out areas and food court. The complimenting services include a
global food court that has 6 different restaurants, 4 different themed restobars and a hang-out area by the beach.

Rooms are large and very up-scale. Total Suite inventory is 44% of the total room inventory. Each room is very upscale with its own foyer, kitchennete area, an uber-luxury bedroom and bathroom and a sea-facing sit-out area (deck).

World-class Hotels & Resorts

MICE Resort, Business Hotel & Service Apartments

We will provide space for a large group of participants, for several events in parallel with the main conference room of 600 seats.

  • Attractive amenities for participant’s partners and children, linked to wellness, water-sports, nature, adventure, culture and global cuisine.
  • Programs around sports and Entertainment facilities intended for team building and large group of participants.

Complementing the Up-scale supply of the Sea-front Casino resort project, the MICE resort will cater to the demand of couples, individuals and groups offering attractive entry-level pricing – positioning itself as the most affordable Time-Share destination in the Caribbean.


Holistic Recovery Resort

Ayurvedic & Yoga based Alternate Therapy Recovery & Rejuvenation Resort

Close vicinity to the biggest travel market & the largest economy of the world (USA) and the specific top-of-mind positioning in the luxury tier are clear advantages for building a powerful hotel product in The Recovery & Rejuvenation segment.

  • Lifestyle related ailments are on the rise in the developed world
  • Wide recognition for YOGA and Ayurvedic healing therapies in the USA market
  • Lifestyle diseases are best treated thru Ayurveda.

All of the above are drivers for this unique product offering from WISEZ:

The World-Class medical hospital, University and Research facilities in WISEZ will complement this Resort. The Medical infrastructure at WISEZ is being developed as a world-leading Medical Tourism destination – offering cost arbitrage advantages. These opportunities are well combined with postoperative recovery and rejuvenation services of the Alternate Therapy resort. In many instances today – post surgery recovery involves Recovery Therapy and Rejuvenation.

Unique Time-Share Ownership model

Tourism & Entertainment Hub Unique Time-Share Ownership model

  • Differentiated Offering(s) for Investment. Each segment is positioned
    for a unique Target group.
  • All Hospitality options are ‘luxury’ OR ‘uber-luxury’ offerings only.
  • Each investment option provides for a free-staycation for the investor.
  • Some of the investment option(s) also carry the additional incentive of
    ‘income generation’ based on the performance of the hospitality property.
  • Each hospitality property will be managed by world-best hotel chains.
  • All investment options are proposed to be integrated with the A&B Citizenship Investment Plan.
over-water villa 1